PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) recently announced the delivery of the first multifamily modular construction project in the Petworth area of Washington, D.C. The Petworth Modo project consists of 44 modular units that will be stacked into a five-story building containing 16 apartments. The building is anticipated to be move-in ready by the end of 2020. The modular project is expected to be completed in 10-months compared to a 12-16 month timeline using traditional site-built construction methods.

“The speed of the Modo project was incredible,” says Colby Swanson, Executive Director at the MMC. “We entered into a modular contract with Community Three and Rooney Properties in June. One of our manufacturing affiliates, Simplex Homes, began production in July, and all of the modular units will be assembled on-site before the end of September, a remarkable 90-day turn around.”

The MMC is a collaboration of modular manufacturers who collectively service developers nationwide. The national network of 15 modular construction companies is the first of its kind and works together to compress construction timelines, lower project risk, and offer competitive pricing by leveraging the power of their network.

The Modo project is located on a triangle-shaped lot at a five-point intersection in a high-density, urban location. Early planning with modular design helped the architect, ECA, and broader team to mitigate potential challenges and prove that anything is possible with modular construction. With a technology-based system fully integrating engineering, manufacturing and construction, the MMC’s nationwide modular solution is changing multifamily construction.

“The MMC’s goal is to make modular construction easy for our clients,” says Swanson. “The clients we’re targeting demand high value, high volume, and high velocity in their projects. Our network of factories around the country can provide customers with the expertise needed to design, build, set, and finish a modular project on a compressed timeline. This is a completely new model that no one else in the industry is currently able to offer.”

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About the Modular Mobilization Coalition: The Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) is a network of 15 independent modular construction companies that own and operate 24 factories nationwide.

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