The Simplex QC Program is the model for our industry.

Highly trained QC Inspectors provide training for Simplex employees and also ensure all employees are accountable. Quality Control “Traveler” Sheets, which spell out standards as well as codes, are generated and follow each piece of each project. Employees must sign each sheet as they complete each project phase. This promotes accountability as well as a double check to minimize human error.


Simplex has contracted with PFS Corporation to oversee Third Party Inspection Services. PFS has been serving in this role for construction firms for almost 50 years. This highly respected company takes on the role of local building inspectors within our facility.

PFS is in the legal chain of authority on all Simplex projects, helping ensure accountability, independence and compliance to state building codes.


Simplex has an outstanding record of meeting or exceeding all mandated state building codes.

State inspectors from our marketing area (for the most part New England through Virginia) often visit our facility to insure state codes are being met. We welcome these inspections as they prove our dedication to quality and meeting or exceeding codes.


Simplex has arguably the most experienced management team in our industry. Please see our management profiles later in this piece.

Many of our craftsmen have been with us for decades. It’s not unusual to find multiple generations of family members working at Simplex.

Countless innovations that are now industry standards were first introduced in our production facilities.


We are members of:

  • The Modular Home Builders Association (MHBA)

  • The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) (Building Systems Council) BSC

  • Home Builders Association (HBA)

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